Couple's Sunset Boudoir Shoot  | Sebastian, FL Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Marie Boudoir


Couple's Sunset Boudoir Shoot | Sebastian, FL Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Marie Boudoir

A few months ago, we headed over to a private beach in Sebastian, Florida for a romantic couple's sunset boudoir shoot. Yes, you read that right. A couple's session ON THE BEACH! 

Many of you are probably thinking- 

"Omg, I'd LOVE to book a sesh BUT.. my significant other would never do that" or "oh gosh, that would be so awkward."

No, girl. After a pre session beer from Captain Hirams and a few snaps of the camera, all the nerves settle. Promise!

Think your significant other will say "hell no?" 

We hear it all the time that women want to do a sesh but their partner doesn't. The most popular complaints we hear are:

  • I don't like smiling for the camera. 
  • I always feel awkward in front of a camera.
  • I never look good in photos.
  • I won't know what to do. 

Hmmm... do they look awkward to you??? I don't think so. Natural smiles here... all around. 

So let's just go over what happens at a shoot and get your partner nice and comfy with the idea of looking not so smily and more seductive.


NO, we don't tell you to make out while we snap shots, because if we did that WOULD be awkward. NO, we don't expect you to actually getcha "love on" in front of us. It's all strategic posing with detailed instruction JUST LIKE a normal session. We literally say "Ok, face each other, now you put your hand behind his head, ok you wrap your arms around her waist.. Ok look down the side of her her body," etc, etc. 


I won't lie, at the beginning of every session, there are usually some nervous giggles and laughs. Everyone's kind of stiff and a little unsure, but once you realize how NOT sexy this is behind the scenes, it's fun and you'll definitely be getting some ass slaps from your significant other the WHOLE time (cause you know you're gonna be looking sexyAF).


It's a total misconception that you have to strip down to nothing with your nervous, sweaty bodies touching between shots. Do you SEE these sexy ass pics?? Clothing is optional, but we'll make you look just as steamy with clothes on too (and you don't even have to have these gorgeous bods to go with it!) 


Let's straight up address the elephant in the room. When your woman is looking all sexy and tempting AND THEN putting her body all over yours, you're most likely going to get "excited." We want to make it totally clear that:


We will guide you on what to bring for outfits as well as pose you in the most inconspicuous way. SO stop worrying about your Johnson, mmmk???

Now that we've answered some of the questions to your significant other's objections, are you both ready to get saucy in front of the lens with us here in Sebastian, Florida?! Click below to receive more couple session information!  


"Ms. M" Keepin' Mondays Interesting. | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Photographer

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"Ms. M" Keepin' Mondays Interesting. | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Photographer

It’s Monday again.. soo I'm baaackkk!! Bringing you this time, a story that should be shared. But first, I’d like to say.... 

I am a woman. Yes, I may be on the “younger” side of the age spectrum at a ripe 22 years old, but I nitpick myself apart just like I see a lot of other women do (younger and older than me alike).

I’m not proud of being my own worst critic, and I try really hard to turn my nitpicking into positive thoughts. I have a long road ahead of me before I’m truly confident in myself, but until then, my goal is to help OTHERS recognize it in themselves. 

And every single time I give someone a confidence boosting pep talk, it actually helps ME believe it too! 

There are so many client stories and testimonials to share so why don’t we start with Ms. M. Keep reading for her heart, raw testimonial of how her boudoir session changed her vision of self love and acceptance. 

  boudoir, 52, boudoir photography, Sebastian, florida. 

“For many years, I have struggled with weight and body image issues.

I was always the fat girl with the pretty face. You know, what a shame, she could be pretty if she would just lose some weight!

I was labeled the quiet, shy type in high school. Not really fitting into any group or click. I tried to be invisible. I continued to struggle with weight into adulthood, losing some and always gaining more back, especially during my pregnancies. I suffered from post-partum depression, was incorrectly diagnosed and put on meds that turned me into a person nobody recognized. I was lost.

In 2004, after a divorce that devastated me, I tipped the scales at 245 pounds. I was drinking to hide the pain and the shame. Really, I just wanted to disappear.

 boudoir photography, testimonials, sebastian florida photography

My daughter took the black and white photo of me to use as a profile pic on a dating website, long ago. When I saw it, I cried for days. It motivated me to get busy. I successfully lost 95 pounds and became an avid crossfit junkie. I was in the best shape of my life! In 2014, the rug was pulled out again. Two back surgeries, a demanding job and an unhealthy relationship landed me scratching my head as to why I was so sick. It took a long year to diagnose my #cvid and auto - immune disorder.

I was circling the proverbial drain. I barely had the strength to go to work. And once again, the weight crept back on. I found myself lost again.

 Sebastian florida photography, boudoir, testimonials, client stories 

So, yesterday, I stepped way outside my comfort zone and did a boudoir photo shoot, just for me!

I have learned to love myself, no matter how my outward appearance looks. I will always have to manage the effects of my condition, but I've decided that I'm going to love myself TODAY. Including all my imperfections.  Let me tell you, it was smokin'!  I have never felt prettier.

 Sebastian florida boudoir photographer, client stories, testimonials 

And this morning when I woke up without the hair and makeup, I saw the same beautiful woman.”

This is a perfect example of a woman in shock at how much she loved seeing photos of herself! She left the studio, with a thick 8x10 album, a badass wall print, a glass box, a mobile app with all her photos, and most importantly boosted confidence! 

It’s not easy to strip it down in front of a stranger (and honestly some don’t strip it down at all),

but when you find the courage inside to do this, it’s a real eye opener to see those images of yourself every single frickin day. 

 Sebastian florida boudoir photography, client stories, testimonials 

You are in great hands..ten of them to be exact between us and the team! From the booking process to hair and makeup, through the shooting experience to your reveal/order night, and then to finally pick up your prints...each woman you will meet works at NMB for a reason!


we all believe in the power of this experience, and the way it will change you, from start to finish. 

XOXOXO, Nichole & Court

 Sebastian florida photography, boudoir photography, client stories, testimonials. 

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Ditch the resolutions, shift your mindset | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Photographer


Ditch the resolutions, shift your mindset | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Photographer

Alright, alright, alright.. *Insert Matthew McConaughey signature voice.* Did you hear it? Okay, good. Me too.  

It’s June which means  WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH 2018. Holy shit, right?! 

Sooo…how are those “new year resolutions” coming along? Go ahead and roll those eyes, girly. I FEEL YA.

 headshots love yourself silly photogs 

New year's resolutions are so cliché, and quite frankly, none of us need a "new year" to set goals for ourselves!!

In fact, here at the studio, we literally make a goal list every single day we work, to keep ourselves on track. 

 love yourself headshots.

It’s the first Monday of JUNE and I have abandoned my "save money, eat healthy, exercise daily" goals and some other motivational shit I told myself January 1st. Although, I haven't given up on goals completely... I've just changed my focus.

Instead of setting my physical appearance or materialistic items as my focal point for my goals, I've decided to put my mindset as the center of my attention, and shift the way I think. 

 headshots for photographers love yourself 


Here's a thought. Maybe you woke up today, ate chocolate cake first thing (like I did), and didn't make it to the gym to work off that 500 calorie breakfast... you might be down on yourself all day for that slip up.

But what if you stopped, shifted your thinking and told yourself "It's ok, tomorrow morning I'll start fresh??"

What if you told yourself it's O-FUCKING-KAY that you're not saving every last penny like you told yourself you were going to do this year.. because money is just money and it is NOT the root of all happiness?

Instead of dwelling on the fact that you can't afford to take a luxurious trip to a resort this summer like you wanted to, try to shift that thinking and appreciate the place you live. Take advantage of all it has to offer and plan a smaller more budget friendly trip.  

 love yourself headshots collages 

Even though we are half way through the year and everything you stood so strong for that you were going to change in January may have fallen to shit, you still have yourSELF. You CAN have a badass attitude, loved ones surrounding you, and a grip on your own personal beliefs/morals. 




Starting now, ditch the idea of new year's resolutions, and each month, set fresh, REALISTIC goals for yourself.

Work towards your goals every month, but more importantly, make your overall daily goal to be the best version of yourself with a positive mindset. Here are some great realistic, achievable goals:

  • I am going to build my self-confidence stronger than ever. 
  • I am going to let go of any thoughts or fears that hold me back, and change the negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • I am going to treat everyday like it is my last.
  • I will continually tell myself- "I deserve true happiness that I won't find in a "fit body" or a savings account, but instead in loving myself."

I want you to remember above all, that the reason we write these blogs for you is to reiterate that you cannot expect others to fully love you until you LOVE YOURSELF.

 love yourself headshot collages for photographers 

Ask yourself on the frickin' regular…"What am I doing for ME?"

How do you remind yourself DAILY that you are the BOMB.COM? (By the way.. it’s totally easier with a glossy metal print from your boudoir sesh hanging in your bedroom for you to gawk at.) 


As you've seen scrolling the blog today, Nichole & I took tons of headshots last week. We wanted to show you that we too, get behind the lens every now and then, but we also wanted to show what we will be implementing into every session.

You will now have the option to take “LOVE” headshots during your sesh! Not only will you be reminded of how badass you are with boudoir, but you'll also have a souvenir to remind you of the most important thing you should take away from doing this... which is to LOVE YOURSELF :)

Xoxoxo,  Nichole & Court