STOP. DROP. CLOSET SHOP. | Sebastian, Florida Nichole Marie Boudoir

Hello lovey, 

Okay, so this is one for the bookmark especially if you are waiting on deck for a session. 


Yeah girl, you read it right. Closet, as in YOUR closet. Raid that shit..before you go swiping cards left and right.

Although it is the perfect excuse to get some retail therapy, you can spend it on your nails, a cut n’ color, or maybe even on drinks for your GNO after your badass session. (you’ll already be lookin’ smoookin’, so why not?!) 

Alright, so what the hell is in your closet thats “boudoir suitable” is probably what your thinking right now.  So where shall I even begin?! 

  • Bra & Panties Set. Don’t shrug like “ehh," even the most simplistic pair of black, lacy undies are super sexy. (especially if you drop your top and slip on some “fuck me pumps," thank me at your reveal, hehe.) 
bra and panty outfit ideas with posing 
  • Booty Shorts. Oooookay, we all have some booty shorts lying around somewhere. Dig em’ out, try them on, yank them half way up your ass.. now check that shit out in the mirror. Hot damn, can I get a yes ma’am?! PACK THEM. I can’t wait to see! 
booty shots with jean shorts 
  • Blazer. C'mon I know if you're a boss babe then there has to be at least one blazer in that closet. BRING IT!! Paired with some cute undies and thats hot hot hot
blazer outfits with posing 
  • Dress Pants. Are you a hardworking boss babe? Have a few dress slacks hanging around somewhere!? There’s nothing like a hot business look in front of these lenses. #freethenipple 
  • Oversized Sweaters/T-shirts. Comfy is sexy. A big sweater and some long socks.. yeah girl, you’ll be lookin’ good! 
oversized sweaters/tees bed posing 
  • Body suit. Body suits are flattering on every body type!! 
body suits/ Teddys with posing 
  • White Tank.  WET NIPS, HERE WE COME!! (but I’m sure you saw that one coming!) 
  • Body Jewelry/ Tattoos. Sooooo, if your cool with strippin’ it down, then body jewelry is a GREAT accessory to dress yourself with.  Jewelry just has a power to make you feel as if you are unleashing that inner sparkle, ya followin’ me? Are you tatted up? Bare it all and lets show off your ink! 
body jewelry and tats    
  • BIRTHDAY SUIT- Shut the closet door for this one. You rock this one Every. Damn. Day. so why not in front of the lens?! Document that shit, girly. 
nudes with white sheets and posing 

You rock your beautiful bod everyday so learn to embrace who YOU are inside and out. 

Graphic tees, flannels, some nip pasties,thigh highs, and high heels are all some more options you might have laying around somewhere. Look harder & put your thinking cap on. 

oversized flannels with wet nips and posing 

Fishnets & High Heels are also a lot of fun to play around in. You may be thinking "oh hell no" but just take a look and have a little faith in that hot bod of yours. SEEEXAAYY. 

fishnets with posing 
high heel with posing 

You don’t need to spend $50-$80 on one piece of lingerie. Even if you do feel you still need to shop for a few items, then check your Walmart, Ross, Marshalls or Target! 

Alright, so now you see why this is super easy to do?! Literally pack shit from your closet and show up. WE HANDLE THE REST. 


Tata for now, we shall chat soon! :) 

Xoxo, court