Hittin' you with that REAL TALK! | Sebastian, Florida Nichole Marie Boudoir

Okay, HOLD UP..

You know what most women are really, really good at? PUTTING EVERYONE ELSE FIRST! My mantra used to be "me first" until recently...

I lollygagged my way through Target shopping for cute clothes, shoes, etc. with every intention of spending money on MYSELF and as I’m unloading my cart at checkout.. I noticed that I had shit for my boyfriend and my pups and nothing for my own damn self. LIKE WHAT?! 

Also, tell me how I can spend $20 on dinner, but can talk myself out of spending $20 on a cute shirt for myself? YIKES. 

Anyone else… or am I alone here? 



So hear me out… no seriously.. read it twice, print that shit out, memorize it, do what you have to do to achieve these goals: 

  1. Put yourself at the top of your “to-do” list EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Bc why did we ever stop that?! 
  2. Self love is NOT being selfish, it’s important. So practice it!  CAN I GET AN AMEN!?!? Haha.
  3. BELIEVE IN YOUR INNER BEYONCE. You are a badass. 

Think it. Believe it. Feel it. BAM! 


You've spent too long spoiling everyone else, now it's time to take care of yo' damn self! 

So even though it's four months into the year and half your New Year's resolutions probably fell out the window (I feel you girl, mine too), let's do ourselves the favor and devote the rest of this year to loving ourselves.

Self-love is important, boo. I promise you.

XOXO, Court