Our top 5 tips for throwing a simple, successful party!| Sebastian, Florida. Nichole Marie Boudoir.

Have you ever found yourself planning for a party and feeling more overwhelmed than anything else? If you're anything like me, you were probably asking yourself:

"How the hell do I match macaroons and streamers!?!?? What color is 'champagne' flavor, anyway??!?!?"

Most of us have been there and know that the stress of party planning TOTALLY takes away from all the excitement that you SHOULD be feeling when you're getting prepped and ready.

Welllll, lucky for you, we just celebrated our 1st studio birthday here at Nichole Marie Boudoir and threw a little partaaay for our past, present, and future clients as a thank you for their support.

We knew that there were certain things we included in our day that made the party a huge success, so today we're sharing them with YOU! 

So keep reading for our TOP 5 TIPS on how to throw a simple, successful party!

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Now, everyone knows that people LOVE to come to a party where they'll be able to possibly win something fabulous. One of the best ways to get the buzz going about your party is to give some prizes away!

* PRO TIP* If you're in business, it's super important that you give away items from your own business, or offer prizes that coincide with your branding.

Giving away prizes that are unrelated to your business is going to attract people that are NOT your target market, so steer clear of this BIG mistake. 

Ex: We blew up over 200 balloons and tied empowering quotes or a prize to the top of every string (see photo below) because we highly promote women's empowerment, along with our photography. Every guest was allowed to pull one balloon, which meant that EVERY person who attended had a chance to win.

We had prizes such as gift cards to nail salons, a gift certificate to one of our partner businesses that manufactures organic bath products, upscale restaurants, a boudoir session giveaway including a nice hefty print credit, and a Tiffany & Co. bracelet.

As we were planning the party, I found myself totally wanting to win these prizes for myself, which is a GREAT sign! 

If you're excited about your giveaways, then your guests most definitely will be too! 

decorations with prizes, nmb party 

DO NOT stress yourself out by slaving over your stove for hours before your party. Simplistic is also elegance and no one should be showing up to your party expecting to feast.

For our party, we used Classy Cupcakes who is local to us here in Sebastian, FL to prepare cupcakes and macaroons for us (and might I add that they did a frickin' fantastic job!!!!). 

Both were treats that were easy to set out and required 0 maintenance during the party. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying that your food is melting or getting cold while you're trying to mingle with your guests!

If you HAVE to offer something that requires more attention or it's an outdoor party where the issue of bugs/critters is a possibility, designate someone else to monitor the refreshment table so that you don't have to. 

As far as drinks go, you can never go wrong with single serve mini bottles of Champagne, but waters and soda will do the job as well! All three require 0 maintenance besides a tub of ice! 

classy cupcakes and champagne 

The wrong music at your party can DEFINITELY kill the vibe. Music sets the mood, and some upbeat popular hits are a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing too explicit though.

I might be classy, but I cuss a little! Or maybe a lot...

However, I also know that not everyone loves a good "f" bomb like me. So for our party I kept the music PG rated. Radio top hits are a safe route if you're not sure what to play.


Every party has a theme and if not, then definitely a color scheme. You really don't have to go too crazy with this. Stick to two or three colors that compliment each other. Keep it super simple and when you're picking out decorations, snacks, etc, the color scheme should be in you mind.

For presentation, try not to overwhelm your guests! One or two tables is all you need to hold your food/beverages and giveaways.

* PRO TIP* If you're a business, only promote 1 or 2 of your best selling items for the day (we did tank tops and a booking sale). Do not overcrowd your tables or services offered. The more you show, the more people will become confused/overwhelmed. 

how to throw a successful party. party table pics. theme colors

So even though you already gave away some awesome items, no one should leave your party empty handed (ESPECIALLY if you're a business). This can be simple and inexpensive.

We sent everyone home with a pillow box stuffed with confetti (to amp up the presentation), a mini brochure of our work with a discount coupon exclusive for party guests only, a car decal with a mantra we constantly promote, and women's empowerment quote cards (see a theme here??).

Our party closers also took home a full size bottle of leftover champagne with them- SCORE for partying with us until the end!

Photo Mar 18, 4 20 13 PM.jpg


Dress to impress. It's your party so you should definitely dress the part! Throw on your favorite heels and curl that hair, WOMAN!! You worked hard to pull off this party, so enjoy it in style! Dressing up will also boost your confidence and subconsciously you'll have more fun because of it! 

Nichole marie boudoir open house. party planning, color schemes

These last two are geared more towards a business owner's party. A great way to get more traffic at your party would be to:

  • Involve other local businesses. If you use any local vendors or businesses for your giveaways, give them invites and a date to help hype your party. Word of mouth is a great, easy, and free form of advertising so utilize it!  
  • Don't forget to thank your guests with an awesome deal to keep them coming back. For us, we gave every single past client who attended our party a custom bangle bracelet (from The Salty Hut), and also offered a heavily discounted booking price for that day only. 

If you make your clients feel special (as they SHOULD, because without THEM you would be out of business), they will keep coming back!

nab owner and assistant. pink and gold color scheme. 

What did you think about our top 5 tips for throwing a simple successful party? Leave us some comment love- we're excited to hear from you! 

XOXOXO, Nichole Marie