Who is NMB's new Associate Photog?! | Sebastian, Florida Nichole Marie Boudoir

Hello lovely,  

I’m Courtney, Court, Ricca, (all the above and probably others that I would totally turn around to), NMB’s new associate photog..in training at least. I am a proud dog mom of two beautiful pitbulls, Sydney and Zeus.

black body suit boudoir furniture less posing 

I am in a fun-loving relationship with the man of my dreams. I was lucky enough to find this hunk during my sophomore year of high school and we recently just purchased our first house;

so if you hang around long enough, you’ll be here for when he “puts a ring on it” and probably a shit ton of “court's engagement boudoir sesh” pics.. (;  

red bodysuit posing furnitureless on brick wall 

So why NMB? Well, if you know Nichole, then really the question is why not NMB? But there’s something about showing women how beautiful they really are that just SCREAMS

“Courtney, do this every fucking day!” 

Also, not to mention that I have been blessed to meet so many intriguing women with their own stories to share; and I have already had the pleasure of making some dahhlingg new friends!!

Before I started at NMB, Nichole told me I had to do a shoot so I could see what it feels like to be on the other end of the lens… and HOLY SHIT..

Let me just say that I would do that EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

black underwear and bras with garter on bed posing 

The shooting experience alone was one for the books!! Something about prancing around half naked, in a beautiful studio, with someone screaming how hot you are every two seconds, THAT alone just needs to be experienced more than once! AND THEN you leave and reflect on all the yoga-like poses you just accomplished while you soak in a luscious bath bomb with a glass of wine. 


black body suit, couch posing ideas. 

But I do have to say that your reveal.. ohmygod, THE REVEAL.. Ahh!! its definitely going to be one for the same book on the same page BC HOLY MOLY. As I anxiously waited for the slideshow..I chewed off all my nails, turned a nervous red, and drank three glasses of champ (ain’t no shame in this champagne campaign). The photos start playing, and instantly all those nerves turned to relief and this “I’m a badass babe” confidence came rushing in, phrases like “holy fuck”, “omg”, and “ahh! thats me!!” were the only things I could say.  Seriously. I’m going to stop there because I could go on forever.

If you haven’t done it, GIRL.. as Nike would say “just do it” bc honestly, why the fuck not?!  You deserve all those feels, don’t deprive yourself. 

So after all is said and done, one of my badass booty shots hangs in my bathroom, high and mighty as a 20x30 glossy metal print and shines in all its glory! hahaha.  Why? Bc I see that shit every day and I am reminded of how sexy I AM and ALWAYS will be.

p.s. it reminds the bf to put a ring on it quicker! ;) 

jean shorts booty picture

So thats me, a new member to NMB, ready to show YOU, that YOU do indeed “rule the world” and should start embracing it as well as wearing your “watch out world, I’m a beautiful badass” attitude every day. 

nude white sheets with body chain bed posing 

OH, but wait. You should also know, the beach is my happy place (I know so cliché) , I can take down a whole roll of raw cookie dough..

& I feel strongly that any problem can be solved with a little tequila ;) 


bed booty shots nude with white sheets

P.S. If you are interested in meeting me for a sesh here in Sebastian, and would like some more information, click the link below!