Do you know what goes on behind the scenes?! | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Studio

If you've already had a session here at the Nichole Marie Boudoir studio, then you know how it goes. You’ve been behind the scenes, you've run around naked during the makings of your master pieces, and you've already learned how to TRUST THE PROCESS (by channeling your “sexy af” self along the way).  

So now after having done your session, you walk around like a stiletto in a room full of flats! 

But, for those of you who haven’t seen the what goes on behind the closed doors.. WHAT are you waiting for?! Get your booty in here and find out what the hype is about!! I’ll give you a little sneak peak, but no matter how many words I try to use, none of them will ever legitimately describe the experience you take with you once you walk out that door.. 

(Here's what you see on the left, here's what a photographer sees on the right)

its and after image bed posing 


So you show up super nervous, you walk through the door and you're immediately greeted with smiling faces (it's always jokes and giggles up in this hizzle, fo’shizzle). You get a quick tour of the studio, the run down of how your session will flow, and are presented with a little somethin’ somethin’ from us and champagne (duh)!! 

We talk make-up, hair, outfits, kids, careers, and men... you name it and I’m sure we hit the subject at some point during our time spent together. While we chat it up, the time flies by and now you're looking in the mirror gawking (maybe even doin’ a lil’ dance) over your hot little self. You immediately break out that phone and snap a few selfies (hopefully to share in our women's only facebook group to see a sneak peak of your bomb look)! 

behind the scenes makeup reveal first look

We have already laid out your wardrobe changes and are ready to ROCK N’ ROLL. Refilling that champ & off we go to the shooting room.

Anyone remember the SIX things we tell every client before they begin a session?!

C’mon lemme hear them!! Don’t remember? Well then, come back and hear them again ;) Just kidding... 

  • What should you always be doing with your feet? 
  • How is anyone’s double chin/neck wrinkles eliminated? 
  • What takes away a “RBF”(resting bitch face)? 
  • “You’ll feel like a chicken, but I promise it looks good.” 
  • It's more important that you're comfortable in a pose than doing exactly what I'm showing you because we can't edit your facial expression if you're in pain, so tell me if you are in any discomfort whatsoever. 
  • Lastly, if your hot/sweating, I DON’T WANT YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR/ MAKEUP TO BE RUINED..  so if it doesn’t feel like Antartica in here, let me know!! 


We mess up that hair and hike those shorts up WAY higher than you knew they could go. Modesty goes RIGHT out the window, fo' sho'.

fixing posing behind the scenes

We demonstrate every single pose for you and then help you get into it. Please know that.. yes, your panties still look good even though i just yanked them to your bellybutton. Yes, it feels silly but your facial expression is on point (even the lip bite you just held for 45 seconds.) You're trusting the process and it’s working in your favor, dah-ling. 

demonstrating poses behind the scenes

We tell you to look here, there, everywhere. We action shot. We tell you how to breathe, instruct you when to take those deep gasps, and when to throw that sass around. We fuck your hair up over and over (in a good way, duh!) and lastly, we push through the process of achieving wet nips together (the water has to be cold, but you can’t tell me it isn't worth it!) 

behind the scenes fixing details 

By now, we are well into shooting and you're more comfortable than ever. We're squealing how gorgeous you are and continuously looking through the pictures on our cameras with nothing but the words “OMG” & “HOLY SHIT."

behind the scenes shooting shots 

We show you a couple images and you are BLOWN AWAY. You're reminded that we literally just took that picture, no filter or edit. THAT IS YOU, BABE. 

behind the scenes look at back of the camera 

and now, You have officially made it to "cloud nine"! 

The hour and a half flies by and before you know it you're walking around nude, and ending your session. By the time you start gathering up your things, we are already pulling out our memory cards to go through your hot images. 

before and after its wall window posing honey birdette 

Believe me when I tell you that the next thirty minutes or so will be spent going through your images until I force myself to close my computer. I debate over and over on posting a sneak peak, but 9/10 times refrain so I don’t spoil your reveal surprise (the wait is hard for me too, trust me!!) 

As we wrap up our day at the studio, I always look to Facebook to see those selfies that were taken by you! I love to see that you are eager to share your beauty with everyone else (and of course, all those uplifting comments from others are totally a bonus!) The best feeling for us is knowing that you walked out of here “feelin’ ya’self.” 

after shoot client selfies 

We enjoy your day just as much as you do.

Nichole and I look forward to all the new beautiful faces we get to see when coming to “work." There are no words to describe how lucky we are to see the way we impact those who come around us. 

If there is one thing you take from this experience I really hope it's something along the lines of how BADASS YOU ARE. 

“YOU are the only YOU there is and YOU are the only YOU that ever will be.” - Jen Sincero


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Xoxoxo, Nichole & Court