Natural to Knockout | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Photography

Have you been considering booking a boudoir session but find yourself thinking "I'd never look like these girls that Nichole shares," so you never take the plunge? Then keep reading. 

Whether you are 20 & tiny or 50 & killin’ it with curves, we will make you look and feel like the sexiest woman in the room.. Promise!

Recently we have had numerous people express to us that they fall into a "category"

(such as being too old, having too much cellulite, back fat, saggy boobs... omg the list goes on and frickin' on) 

but the truth is...boudoir is for EVERYONE, and their truly are NO categories.

You, woman, are sexy and unique. No matter where you feel you fall on the “spectrum” of women's bodies, your "Natural to knockout" will be just as BADASS as those before you, and the many more that will have their experience after you.   

We include hair and makeup before every client's session for a reason.

We want you to let our team emphasize your best features so that you come to our studio in all your "natural" beauty,  then look in the mirror to see a KNOCK OUT... all while you sip on some champagne.  

But... maybe you're still thinking "I never see anyone who looks like me, someone I can really relate to."

If you're looking for cellulite or saggy boobs, then this is true!!! And you'll never see those "imperfect" photos because we don't show women's flaws online! Pretty sure we'd be out of a job if we did..What you DO get to see is the "natural" before, and a bad ass woman after... but what you don't realize is that all these woman are JUST LIKE YOU.  

At one point or another, most clients contemplate if they can REALLY go through with a boudoir session. They may even go back and forth a hundred times on whether they can muster up the courage to slay the day.

But every single one of our clients who have walked through our front doors... came. conquered. & gained confidence. 

So NO more excuses. If all these beautiful women trusted our process to succeed, then so can you.

Faith, trust & a little bit of pixie dust, babe.

We work our own magic by allowing you to see the sexy side of yourself. Here you have seen just a few of our "natural to knockout" examples. When will we get to capture yours?!

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