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It’s Monday again.. soo I'm baaackkk!! Bringing you this time, a story that should be shared. But first, I’d like to say.... 

I am a woman. Yes, I may be on the “younger” side of the age spectrum at a ripe 22 years old, but I nitpick myself apart just like I see a lot of other women do (younger and older than me alike).

I’m not proud of being my own worst critic, and I try really hard to turn my nitpicking into positive thoughts. I have a long road ahead of me before I’m truly confident in myself, but until then, my goal is to help OTHERS recognize it in themselves. 

And every single time I give someone a confidence boosting pep talk, it actually helps ME believe it too! 

There are so many client stories and testimonials to share so why don’t we start with Ms. M. Keep reading for her heart, raw testimonial of how her boudoir session changed her vision of self love and acceptance. 

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“For many years, I have struggled with weight and body image issues.

I was always the fat girl with the pretty face. You know, what a shame, she could be pretty if she would just lose some weight!

I was labeled the quiet, shy type in high school. Not really fitting into any group or click. I tried to be invisible. I continued to struggle with weight into adulthood, losing some and always gaining more back, especially during my pregnancies. I suffered from post-partum depression, was incorrectly diagnosed and put on meds that turned me into a person nobody recognized. I was lost.

In 2004, after a divorce that devastated me, I tipped the scales at 245 pounds. I was drinking to hide the pain and the shame. Really, I just wanted to disappear.

boudoir photography, testimonials, sebastian florida photography

My daughter took the black and white photo of me to use as a profile pic on a dating website, long ago. When I saw it, I cried for days. It motivated me to get busy. I successfully lost 95 pounds and became an avid crossfit junkie. I was in the best shape of my life! In 2014, the rug was pulled out again. Two back surgeries, a demanding job and an unhealthy relationship landed me scratching my head as to why I was so sick. It took a long year to diagnose my #cvid and auto - immune disorder.

I was circling the proverbial drain. I barely had the strength to go to work. And once again, the weight crept back on. I found myself lost again.

Sebastian florida photography, boudoir, testimonials, client stories 

So, yesterday, I stepped way outside my comfort zone and did a boudoir photo shoot, just for me!

I have learned to love myself, no matter how my outward appearance looks. I will always have to manage the effects of my condition, but I've decided that I'm going to love myself TODAY. Including all my imperfections.  Let me tell you, it was smokin'!  I have never felt prettier.

Sebastian florida boudoir photographer, client stories, testimonials 

And this morning when I woke up without the hair and makeup, I saw the same beautiful woman.”

This is a perfect example of a woman in shock at how much she loved seeing photos of herself! She left the studio, with a thick 8x10 album, a badass wall print, a glass box, a mobile app with all her photos, and most importantly boosted confidence! 

It’s not easy to strip it down in front of a stranger (and honestly some don’t strip it down at all),

but when you find the courage inside to do this, it’s a real eye opener to see those images of yourself every single frickin day. 

Sebastian florida boudoir photography, client stories, testimonials 

You are in great hands..ten of them to be exact between us and the team! From the booking process to hair and makeup, through the shooting experience to your reveal/order night, and then to finally pick up your prints...each woman you will meet works at NMB for a reason!


we all believe in the power of this experience, and the way it will change you, from start to finish. 

XOXOXO, Nichole & Court

Sebastian florida photography, boudoir photography, client stories, testimonials.