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Okay ladies, you've finally mustered up the courage to book your boudoir session with us, and you KNOW we're gonna walk you through this, step by step. But, you're also wondering how the HELL we're going to get your body to as flawless and sexy as the ones on our website.

Well we're letting you in on some posing you need to practice before the day of your sesh that will help you NAIL those sexy ass shots you're dying to get!  

demonstrating posing with clients. boudoir bed posing 

Being completely honest here,

some of these poses may require you to stretch and bend a little further than usual and clients frequently tell us that they're sore the next day. 

We demonstrate every pose for you and then coach you once you get into a pose; telling you where to look, how to breath, fixing wardrobe, etc. However, many of our clients tell us how silly they feel, and wonder how the heck these poses will EVER look sexy! So we about to tell ya'!


This is by far one of our favorite poses for all clients. It’s simple and sexy on EVERY SINGLE WOMAN. It makes your boobs (even "mommy" boobs) look amazing from the right angle and flattens out the tummy, along with accentuating those gorgeous legs.

Boudoir bed posing client guide! Off side of bed posing. 


  • Start by sitting on the edge of the bed, then slide your booty towards the floor BUT keep your booty pressed against the bed. That is the trick to this pose- BOOTY AGAINST THE BED.
  • Lean back on the bed and support your body with your elbows to get into a comfortable position. You should feel like your body is almost "hanging" off the bed and you should be able to sink into your booty. 
  • Elongate one leg slightly further showing off those SEXY LEGS. You should not be straining. If you are, then your booty isn’t against the bed.
  • Place your hands on the inside of your thighs and stiffen your elbows so your arms are nice and straight. Close those eyes, push your chin towards the ceiling, and breathe through your mouth with your lips slightly parted.. TAADAAA. 

You just nailed your first pose!

This specific pose always takes a couple tries before completely nailing it so don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit it perfect the first try!


Wall poses are simple in theory, but require lots and lots... and LOTS of arching to get that nice slender tummy and gorgeous back curve. The trick? Keep reading.

Wall posing for boudoir clients. posing guide on wall. 


  • Keep your booty on the wall to create stability.
  • Stand against the wall, and lift your booty with your hands (yes, I totally said lift those butt cheeks....because why not give em' a little more perk?!) and then press it against the wall.
  • Here is the tricky part: rock your hips forward and pop that booty, creating a nice arch in your back.
  • Bring your shoulders back so they touch the wall. We will tell you where to pose your hands etc, but the important part to practice here is getting that booty pop

This pose always ends up going many different ways with bent knees, head up, or even a wall sit with you pulling at your panties. Now, that wasn't so hard was it?? Or maybe it was and you should practice again :) The more you practice now, the less you're going to be sore later!


Booty pics are our MOST requested part of the body to shoot, and we KNOW it's because every woman wants to see their booty lookin it's best! Let's get you practicing so you can see yours too:)

bed posing, booty shots! boudoir bed posing guide. 


  • Lay flat on your stomach, bend your legs at the knees, cross your ankles, and point your toes towards the ceiling. 
  • Rotate your hips downward and push your midsection into the bed. Heres the trick: BOOTY POP! Push your booty towards the ceiling while allowing your knees to slide slightly up the bed. This will also create a gap between your thighs and the bed.. HOT.  
  • What we do next will vary from client to client, but options are putting your arms straight out in front of you and rest your head to one side while grabbing some sheets, or placing your hands just below your cheeks as shown in the examples above. We will perfectly fuck your hair up and tell you exactly where to look. As always, breathe through your mouth with your lips parted. 

BOOM! Booty pose, check! 


The sexy bed pose with some serious arch! If you're wanting this pose and have issues needing support for your tatas, PLEASE bring a bra with support! I can't tell you how many women show up and say "My boobs are my insecurity because they are saggy" and then they bring bralettes (which provide 0 support) and nothing else! 

*Pro tip- more padding does not mean support! Sometimes padding is worse, because it creates a gap between your skin and the cup. Choose underwire or a padless-lift bra instead!!

boudoir bed posing for boudoir clients. posing guide. Sebastian, florida. 


  • Lean back onto your elbows and place the crown of your head into the pillow (think chin pushed up towards the headboard as far as possible). This will require you to arch a LOT. Push your booty into the bed and keep your shoulders pulled back, which will naturally push your chest to the ceiling.  
  • Bend your left leg at the knee, and straighten your right leg just a tad, then make sure to keep your knees/legs together so there is no gap. This creates a triangle with your legs which looks beautiful! 
  • Breathe through your mouth with lips parted and close your eyes. I'm sure you could have told me this one by now! ha. 
  • To finish this look: we will have you run your hands down your body, trace your bra, pull at shoulder straps, etc. For now, hook your thumbs in your bra straps and pull them to the side.

Sexy bed posing. Done. Done. & Done. 

So dah-lings, now you have some of our most popular poses to help prepare you for your session and prevent some of those post session sore muscles. 

Even if you don’t nail these at home, you most definitely will in the studio with our help so don't stress about hitting them perfectly.

In the meantime, turn on some sexy ass tunes (we recommend "Time for That" by Kevin Gates), find your zone, channel your sexy, and try these out! You’ll be feeling more confident about your session before you know it! 

See you soon, babe!

XOXOXO,  Nichole & Court

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