Building Confidence Before Your Shoot! | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Marie Boudoir

So you’re more than likely reading this because you took the plunge and BOOKED YOUR SESSION. You go girl, you are one step closer to feelin’ like a brand new woman! 

Luckily for you, we have set out our TOP FIVE TIPS to help you feel confident before your boudoir session! 

wall booty posing. boudoir posing Sebastian, FL. 


Listen babe, you chose Nichole Marie Boudoir for a reason. You did so because you have seen our work and you’re ready to trust the process! You have probably read testimonials from previous clients, you know that we have the eye for the lighting, and most importantly you have seen us master posing for ALL body types. 

bed posing with bra/panty Sebastian, florida. 

Ask for support if you need it!

We are here for you throughout the entire process. From the moment you pop into our DM’s requesting information about a session all the way up to the day you pick up your order. Even though, your experience with us came to an end, we will always be there to listen/support you. Our clients are not just clients, many become great friends! You are not in this alone, girly! 

bed posing with bra and panty set. Sebastian, florida. 

Trying on your outfits ahead of time!

Hear me out. TRY ON EVERYTHING. You want to bring items that you’ll feel comfortable in during your session. Your wardrobe will reflect who YOU are. You don’t need to bring lots of lingerie to your session, if thats not your style. Also, we have put together a Closet Shop list for you. This will help you gather items from your own closet and save you from spending $$$ on lingerie. 

The biggest mistake you can make before your session is just "winging" your outfits. NOT COOL. 

Sebastian, florida. Wall posing with white t-shirts. 

Practice some posing! 

You’re just in luck! We have put together a lovely Boudoir Posing Guide Here! I urge you to take the time and read through this if you are a little uncertain about posing, and to reduce the amount of soreness you're going to feel after your shoot. Just practice these five posing tips at home a few times and you will be ready to rock n’ roll like a pro. 

legs with white lace, bed posing. Sebastian, florida. 

Remembering why you booked this experience! 

Last, but most importantly! Everyone has a different reason as to why they booked their session. Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, finding self-love, wedding gifts, etc. The list goes on and on. This experience is far more powerful than any nerves you may have the week leading up to it. You are going to kill it; so while the stress is totally normal, it's very short lived. 

side bed posing with fishnets, panty and heels. Sebastian, Florida.

I hope that you have built more confidence in yourself after this little read. You are moving beyond the fear and ready to slay your experience! 

As always, we are here for any questions and always available to squash any fears! And if you still haven't booked a session, click the box below to contact us!

XOXOXO, Nichole & Court