Ms. L Slays Her "SexyAF" | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Marie Boudoir

The amount of stories we have heard in person from our clients about how this experience has changed them are uncountable. The women we have met are unique and strong, in so many different ways, and the experience they leave with is like nothing else they'll experience here on the Treasure Coast. 

How can you put a price tag on an experience that will have you walking away, seeing yourself as a more confident woman? Waking up every morning after your shoot, seeing the SAME woman in the mirror, feeling that SAME confidence you felt when you were rockin' your birthday suit will impact your life and those around you.

Can you justify depriving yourself of something so beneficial?! Uhh.. no. You get one life, boo. Live that life for YOU. Soo.. while you check your calendar to see what date works best.. I’m going to highlight one badass babe I was lucky enough to encounter this past month..

Ms. L is one hell of a woman, if you ask me. Down to earth. Driven. Dedicated. Loving as could be. So, of course we asked her to try and describe the experience of NMB and she delivered, better than ever. 

bed posing with boudoir client and  testimonial 

"I started following Nichole Marie’s Empowerment Group for Women on Facebook awhile ago. It was refreshing to see so much positivity, esteem building, and sexiness in one place! I thought to myself “Damn these girls are gorgeous and this photography is art!

No way in hell would I ever think I could do something like that!” 

bed posing with black test/ body suits. boudoir posing. client testimonials. Sebastian, Florida.

"I found myself on the facebook page every single day...

looking at the photos, reading positive reminders from other women, watching the live videos, seeing testimonials from clients.

After awhile I said “fuck it!”(of course after asking the besties for their opinions and they said JUMP!)

So I booked a session and then freaked out...instant remorse. Half of me was trying to convince the other half of me that I'd made a mistake and I should cancel it...but I didn’t! "

wall/ floor posing. posing furniture less. Sebastian, florida. boudoir client posing. 
Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Maire Boudoir_0012.jpg

"I shifted my thinking from “Holy shit this is scary” to “Use this as an opportunity to pamper yourself!”

I picked apart my closet for some nice items to bring, I bought myself some gorgeous new lingerie, I got my nails and toes done, got a haircut, and got my first ever bikini wax!"

bed posing with mans t-shirt. Sebastian, florida. client testimonials. 

"So the day of my shoot rolled around....NERVES! I was nervous all morning! Waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed, driving over. Hello anxiety meds! With clammy hands I stood outside of the studio doors for a minute, it was time for my big girl britches!

And finally the studio door opened.... My friend (moral support) and I were greeted with smiling faces and mimosas! The second I walked in, all anxiety left my body."

boudoir client bed posing with bra and panties. client testimonials. Sebastian, florida. 

"When all prep was done, it was time to shoot! Nichole and Courtney were ready with their cameras. They teach you to point your toes, hold your chin up, look to the light, and most importantly pop that booty!

The biggest rule I learned in the studio....NO SELF DOUBT AND NO SELF JUDGEMENT! This is not allowed in the NMB house!

They walked me through every pose to ensure I understood and felt comfortable and confident."

bed posing with bra and panties. Sebastian, florida. client testimonials 

"It felt like ages before I could have my photo reveal session. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait. When the time finally came I sprinted right back to the studio. The red carpet was rolled out. Nichole and Courtney put together a personalized session and portfolio just for me! My initial thoughts “oh I’m only going to like maybe one or two...”

I love every photo. Every. Single. One. I bought a copy of every photo as well as a print of my favorite one." 

       wall/ window boudoir posing. client testimonial. Sebastian, florida. 

"Everything was perfect...the hair, the makeup, the lighting, the angles, everything!

Next step....revealing to my boyfriend! Oh man I was nervous about that. I shared the app to his phone and his response was “OMG I have to stop looking at these, they are making my stomach the best way ever!”

He has no idea I ordered a large print for him. I can’t wait to give it to him (mostly I can’t wait to hang a sexy AF picture of myself on my bedroom wall!). "

maked boudoir bed posing. boudoir client testimonials. Sebastian, florida. 

"I regret absolutely nothing and would definitely do it again and I hope I get the chance to.

It was the most body positive, esteem building, I’m a ‘badass’ experience I’ve ever had! Nichole Marie Boudoir is top notch artistry at its finest. If this is not on your bucket needs to be and these are the girls to fulfill it!️"