If you’re reading this, at some point you saw my work on social media, found me on google, or maybe a friend had a session with me. After you stalked me a little bit, you got SUPER excited about booking a sesh for yourself, reached out to me, we discussed some details and you received my booking info…. and then you felt a pit in your stomach when you saw the price tag. 

If you’re anything like me, deciding to treat yourself and spending money on anything other than what you or your family truly NEEDS is hard.

You probably feel guilty buying anything (unless you’re at Target in the $1-3 isle and then it’s tooooootally ok).. but why? 

Why is it so hard to allow yourself a treat? A typical day in your world might consist of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, working, packing lunches, spoiling your kids, treating your spouse.. But when are you allowed to splurge on…. YOU?

Natural eye/lip makeup boudoir shot 
Natural eye/lip makeup boudoir shot

Well girlfriend, guess what?

Most clients don't know if they can afford to do this...until they talk to me about payment plans.

It IS ok to spend on yourself, and if you do it in an organized, responsible way, with simple payments 1-2 times a month, you CAN treat yourself to this eye opening experience too.

Miss V utilized the Booty Bank Account, which is a prepayment option through me. She made payments over 9 months to save up for her session before hand. Read what she had to say about the process below!

White sheet boudoir shot
White sheet boudoir shot


When I joined the empowerment Facebook group Nichole started, I was amazed at all the different girls I saw booking, and knew one day I wanted to have a session of my own. 

I wanted to treat myself to a session, but I knew I couldn't pay for it in full until I learned about the booty bank account.

Setting it up was easy; with a simple questionnaire Nichole sends you and a few other steps, she lays everything out, and you decide how much can be afforded and how often payments are made. 

I didn't want to rush anything and chose a comfortable payment plan for myself over 9 months.

Time flew by and I was finally ready for my session, paid in full! I was able to choose my session date online, and when it came time I chose my own clothes the lingerie I already own and love. Nichole made the session tons of fun and so comfortable. I can't wait to do another one with her!

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XOXOXO, Nichole Marie