Peach lingerie garter set with thigh highs

While I fully prepare all of my clients before the day of their boudoir shoot about what they can bring to make the day go as smoothly as possible, there are really only 3 things you need to bring to your session. And wardrobe isn’t one of them! 


I know. No brainer, right? 

But you’d be surprised how many women start getting cold feet about 2 weeks before their session and consider ditching the ideal all together. 

I see it coming when the 10 pm emails and texts roll in that start out with “Hey Nichole, my session is just around the corner and I’m starting to get nervous…” 

Woman posing on couch with tank top and thong- boudoir posing

Truth of the matter is, no matter how confident you think the women on my website and social media were, every single one of them was nervous when they walked in the door the day of their session. 

The only reason you see those confident women on my website is because they booked a session and didn’t back out. 

Minimal coverage 1 piece lingerie set


If you show up to my studio thinking all your worst fears are going to come true and that I’m never going to be able to make you look good, you will rob yourself of an amazing experience because you’ll be worrying the entire time. 

Just. Let. Go.

I know, it’s very hard for some people to walk around almost nude in front of someone they don’t know, exposing all their “flaws.” Flaws like the HUGE mountain of a pimple that broke out on your chin the morning of your session and the tiger claw stretch marks down your stomach that you swore were just beginning to fade. 

All of a sudden, the day of your session, you might feel like you don’t trust me to make you look as good as every other client. I’m here to tell you, I wouldn’t still be in business if I couldn’t :)

Black bodysuit lingerie with lacy cheekie back

A positive attitude.

I reserve the right to make anyone walk their happy ass right back out of the studio if they bring a shitty attitude along with their wardrobe! This day is not about pointing out all of your flaws, or picking yourself apart as we start shooting. It’s about finding self-love for the beautiful woman you are and embracing your body today, for everything it is. 

What I won’t tolerate:

  • self pity
  • self scrutiny 
  • negative body talk

What I will tolerate (and enjoy!!):

  • prancing around the studio naked
  • selfies with your gorgeous hair and makeup
  • bragging that you “look hot!” 
Lace bralette with garter and stocking set

All you have to do is bring these 3 things to the studio the day of your sesh and I swear to you, your nerves will go away and we will take gorgeous photos of you for you to keep until the day you die. 

I have 5 spots open for bookings from now until November. If you'd like more info about pricing or how to book your own boudoir session here in Sebastian, Florida, use the tab below to get reach out and get the ball rolling. 

XOXOXO, Nichole Marie