Elite Boudoir Experience on the East Coast of Florida | Nichole Marie Boudoir | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir

Nichole Marie Boudoir has been a hot topic among our gorgeous women here on the east coast of Florida, but can you blame them? There are numerous reasons why women come to us for this specific type of photography. We’ve even had girls travel hours from different states to come strip it down with us! Why?

Because we’ll give you a damn good time, and make you look good while doing it, duh!

No, but really.. what we offer is the most elite boudoir experience here in Sebastian, Florida, and most of the east coast. We make sure all our babes have the time of their lives & leave with a piece of art to remind them of how badass they are on the daily. Don’t believe me? Come check out the hype for yourself then! (;

We make all our girls feel as if we’ve known them forever.. I mean, might as well though because we don’t get any closer than me seeing ya naked now do we? hahaha

I can’t even begin to count the friendships I’ve made since I started working at NMB. I’ve met the coolest people & I’m truly thankful for all my clients.

It’s really not an awkward experience like some would think. If you’re not comfortable stripping down to nothing then you don’t have to! The session and what we shoot is strictly led by the client and how comfortable they get. We’ve got the same body parts as you, but regardless we base your session off of your wants, girl. You call the shots.