Annual Client Magazine Issue 1 | Sebastian Florida Boudoir Photographer | Nichole Marie Boudoir

Calling all 2018 Nichole Marie Boudoir clients! When was the last time you saw a photo printed of yourself in a magazine?? And not just any magazine, but a glossy thick one, featuring your beautiful face or body among images of other gorgeous women? Never??? Well, now just might be your chance to get one! 


Last year in our studio, we serviced over 100 beautiful clients, and this year our goal is 200! However, not everyone was featured, so be sure you meet ALL of the following criteria if you’re thinking about buying one of these bad boys. 

We definitely don’t want anyone spending their hard earned money just to realize when the magazine comes in that they weren’t featured. 

To have a feature:

1- You MUST have had both your session AND reveal in 2018

Read carefully! This means, if your session was shot in December of 2017 and your reveal was in 2018, you were not featured. Coincidently, if your session was in 2018 but your reveal was in 2019, you also were not featured (but keep your eyes out for the 2020 issue!)

2- You MUST have signed a contract and given us the permission to share your photos, whether it be a full or anonymous. 

3- You MUST have made a purchase of some of your photos (either on a payment plan, or paid in full).

Meet all the criteria? Then girl you’re in! If you’d like to purchase a copy for yourself, click the link below! 

To all the babes we’ve worked with that weren’t featured, here’s another incentive to come back for your next sesh! Hope to see you soon!


Nichole & Court