My top 2 requested boudoir shots | Sebastian, Florida Boudoir Photographer

It never fails- I start talking to a woman about booking a boudoir shoot with me and she says "oh gosh, I don't wear lingerie.. I don't even know where I'd start." 

This is SUCH a big topic that I actually have plans to create an entire look book all about what to bring to your boudoir session with non traditional wardrobe ideas, lingerie, nudes, etc...  but for now, let's discuss the TOP 2 poses/shots I get asked to do.

Both are SUPER simple, and can be done in a variety of ways to fit each client's style and body type. 


Wet tank boudoir shot

Everyone has boobies. Doesn't matter if your thin, curvy, rockin A's or D's, perky.. whatever you got goin on... this look is simple, cheap, and works for everyone! Tank: Target- $4.99 Heather gray panties: Victoria's Secret- $7.99 Total outfit cost: $13 The result: A little peek at the goods without being completely topless.

Wet tank boudoir photo, seductive pose


Denim shot boudoir photo side boob

Ok so this one is sometimes a little trickier but it also works for almost everyone! I've shot this look on 20 year olds and also 50 year olds!! Yes, 50. years. old. and rockin' denim shorts and a booty shot. High waisted shorts are super sexy and in right now, but low rise can work too. The key to making this work is: you've got to be able to hike up enough of the denim to show off your booty. Less is more my friend, especially for this look. 

Denim shorts boudoir shot topless

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