We've all been there.

You walk into Victoria's Secret feeling hot... like you're Heidi Klum or something... but you leave depressed because nothing in the store fit YOU.

And I don't just mean your waste line. I also mean your style. If you're not all about hot pink and racy, but you're moving into the more classy/feminine style, I feel ya sister. My love handles didn't really make an appearance until after my 2nd child, and although I was still in my 20's, I started to dread going to a place that used to make me feel so good.

Victoria's Secret started to make me feel like my body wasn't good enough to wear "sexy" outfits anymore, so I avoided that place like the frickin' plague. 

When I started shooting boudoir photography and working with "real" women (and by that I mean all the women who don't fit into the VS model category, which is pretty much 75% of the entire world) I discovered that I wasn't the only one.

I wasn't the only woman longing for something sexy that would make me feel gorgeous and classy- mom bod, love handles and all.

So today I'm sharing with you some of my top choices for websites that carry lingerie and sleepy time apparel for all of the "non Victoria's Secret Women" out there. Enjoy!

(Click the pink website names to visit the websites!)

 Photo Credit: Plum Pretty Sugar

Photo Credit: Plum Pretty Sugar


Seriously. Don't click that link. No, for real.. If you do, don't blame me for the seemingly endless drainage of funds from your bank account. They not only offer sleepwear, but also pretty summer apparel, bridal collections, and more. BEWARE of the prettiness you are about to be subject to! And don't miss their mumma to be section full of gorgeous maxi dresses to adorn your baby bump in!

 Photo Credit: Hips and Curves

Photo Credit: Hips and Curves


CURVES are what make a woman's body different than a man's, and also what makes boudoir photography so seductive! This website is designed for those of you who have a little more "curve" than others. All you'll see is gorgeous plus size models and lingerie that will make you feel like you fit right in!

 Photo Credit: Adore Me

Photo Credit: Adore Me


Not sure what your lingerie style actually is? Take the quiz on the Adore Me website and see some recommendations personalized just for you. It's basically like your own Victoria's Secret employee... only better because you can shop in your jammies with a glass of wine in your hand (did someone say wine?? :) You can even try out your first order for just $19.95!! 

And for the girl with the deeper pockets... 

 Photo credit: BHLDN

Photo credit: BHLDN


Lace and robes and bridal dresses.. oh my. This page is to DIE for. But most of the items won't come cheap, so be prepared to spend a little more here. 

What did you think? Love the websites? Find something new? Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you:) 

XOXOXO, Nichole Marie