“She called me on the DL, and only texted me after 10 pm while she was upstairs in her office “working.””

White lacy bra, window light boudoir 

This might sound like something Andrew would say about Mellie (where my Scandal girls at???), but it’s actually about one of my clients:) As much as I constantly reiterate how you should be doing a boudoir session for your damn SELF, it’s also really fun to do one as a surprise for your significant other.

But. Pulling off a scheme like this won’t be easy. And it won't happen without a little sneakiness on your part.

And I mean really, how can you create a totally sensual, sexy surprise without a few white lies? You might have to muffle a few phone calls, lie…(scratch that, let’s use the word fib)… FIB about where you’re going, and

keep a bit more from your paycheck in your bank account than you usually do (because let’s be honest, you deserve that shit anyway!)

but I guarantee it will be worth it. 

Black sheer boyfriend shirt, lacy bra
Black sheer boyfriend shirt, lacy bra
Black corset backlit boudoir shot

Just imagine him. Sitting there on the couch all cozy with his dog watching the game. He gets a text and sees it’s from… You? Sitting on the couch right beside him. He’s curious and looks at you..

“Did you just text me?” 

You: “Mmmhmm.”

(you’re feeling a little bit anxious at this point and you’re hoping he doesn’t see you flush, or feel your heart about to thump out of your chest.)

He reads your text with confusion on his face: “Check out these pics.. Password: yourname2017”

He looks back at you. “What IS this??” 

Black and white boudoir shot of woman holding her neck
Boudoir posing for the floor

Your palms are getting sweaty now.

You’re thinking… “What the hell did I do? What if he doesn’t like them? What if he’s mad about how much I spent?”

He finally sees your photos and..

“Oh. My. GOD…..Baby! Is that YOU!?!? Holy SHIT!” 

Now, you have to promise that if you go this surprise route, you don’t get pissed at me when he cancels your dinner plans because

I guarantee he’s going to throw down right then and there.

But he’ll also probably agree that those few white lies you told him, were totally ok :)

Boudoir posing on the floor, black and white
Woman laying in bed wearing black babydoll

Even though I wasn't there to see his reaction, I KNOW Miss B's hubby would have DIED when he opened the box to his Black Label Collection from NMB. Doesn't YOUR man deserve one too??

The NMB black label collection box and prints

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