As a boudoir photographer, I am fortunate to work with a lot of beautiful, strong women. Some of them are doing a session as a surprise for their soon to be groom. Some of them are doing it for themselves because they need a self esteem boost. But almost all of them have a story. 

Meet Miss J. She emailed me because she wanted to celebrate her recent engagement to her long term boyfriend of 14 years (thankyoujesus, he finally put a ring on it!). Their relationship hasn't always been easy and as we all know, that long term relationship status in itself brings on it's fair share of dwindling sexual desire at times. Miss J wanted to do something to not only boost her 30 year old self esteem but to also give her man a refresher, if you will, of just exactly the woman he will love the rest of his life. 

And as always, thank you to my amazing hair and makeup team for helping me to empower my clients with the beauty they already possess! 

Hair: Lindsay Naffzigger

Makeup: Rebecca Lind

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