Almost every time I talk to women about how they want to display their boudoir pictures, they say "Oh my gosh, I don't want anyone to see my pictures! I'll just order an album!" But being a boudoir photographer in Sebastian, Florida, I've come up with some creative ways to help my girls order luxury products and display those sexy little secrets in places around their homes. You spent time, energy, and money preparing for your session, and you deserve to see your gorgeous pictures on a regular basis. But how can you do that without everyone you invite to your home also enjoying them?? 


This is one place a lot of women don't even think to hang their boudoir pictures! These days, especially here in Florida, garden tubs are really common. And what's right above that pretty tub? Typically a window or a big empty wall! Most homes have 2 bathrooms, one for guests and one for you. Displaying your boudoir pictures in your master bath is a pretty safe place for them. 


An image box with an easel is another option. I offer 10 8x10 images in a beautiful linen box with a metal easel for display. They aren't your typical high school floppy 8x10's, and come mounted on a firm black backing. What I personally like about these is that it's perfect for rotating through your pictures. You can set out 2-3 on the easel and store the other 7 in your night stand. Then when you want a change, you can switch them out. I don't know about you, but not many people come into my bedroom when visiting, so again, this is typically a pretty safe option.


If you have a walk in closet, chances are you have space for a few canvases of yourself. And if you're living with your significant other, you can even put them on his or her side as a surprise gift. I read about a woman who hung her boudoir canvases on her husband's side of the closet and he was absolutely floored when he found them. It's a creative and SUPER discrete way to remind yourself (or your significant other) just how beautiful you are on a regular basis. 


By far, the most common item women purchase after their boudoir session is an album. Of course, this is probably the safest and most discrete way to keep the memories from your experience. You can keep it on a vanity, office desk, or tucked away in a drawer and bring it out when you need a boost of confidence. 


I don't think many women think about this.  Wallets are great because you can give one to your significant other, then replace it with a fresh one when it starts showing wear. Many photographers can print them using their professional labs where they order canvases and albums, so ask yours if they don't offer them as an option.

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