Woman leaning onto couch with wet tshirt on sheep skin throw rug

We live in a world filled with social media that portrays women defined as "beautiful" who are usually full of silicone, photo shopped, haven't eaten in years, or work out 3 times a day.

Before my session with Nichole, I was a little nervous and self conscious- I had gained some weight since my first shoot and had some new skin issues.. typical girl things, right? 

Backlit boudoir black and white- woman posing on bed

I'm not in love with my body... seriously is anyone? But I knew Nichole would help guide every shot to make me look beautiful so I was more relaxed and ready to rock it.

Sexy woman in men's dress shirt with garter
Boudoir in men's dress shirt and garter with stockings

She made me laugh and feel so damn sexy the entire time we were shooting. At one point she showed me a picture because she was so giddy and kept going "Oh my, girl, you need to see this! I am so excited!" and I thought to myself "Is that me? For real?? Whoa....." I never wanted the shoot to end..EVER! It was an unreal experience.  

Black and white photo of woman in lace teddy
Woman in red lace top and black fishnet stockings smiling

No matter who you are or what your body type is or how your skin is, there is something that holds you back from believing in your own inner beauty.

Black and white photo of woman in lace top and fishnet stockings
Sensual woman in red lace top and fishnet stockings 

We are our own worst critics and enemies and someone can TELL you you're beautiful but there isn't anything like actually FEELING beautiful. And that's how I feel when I'm there with Nichole- like a princess, a model, a sexy goddess.

Woman sitting on bed in pretty room with gray sheets, tufted headboard, chandelier 
Black and white photo of woman sitting on bed in pretty room with tufted headboard, chandelier

I left there that day feeling so beautiful and amazing and soooo anxious to see my pictures. I felt like I was someone who could be a model no matter how much I weigh.

And that's the best thing about this experience- I WAS a model for a day. I FELT beautiful, and I am REAL.

Woman posing on bed- backlit boudoir booty shot
Woman with beautiful dramatic makeup and dark lips

The entire experience is amazing- from the first email, through booking my consult, the shoot, and all the way to the end of the reveal (Although there really isn't an end because that feeling will always last with me.. I have the proof to remind myself.)

I took two of my girlfriends with me to my reveal and their reactions were just an added bonus to everything. When I saw my pictures I was in shock.

Backlit dramatic boudoir shot of woman leaning on couch, lacy panties, dramatic dark makeup

This second session blew the first out of the water, even with that extra 6 pounds.

At one point my friend looked at me and said "Jess, I want to cry and these aren't even my pictures! These are amazing! THAT IS YOU!!!!" And those pictures are me. ME!

I wanted to see them over and over again. I wanted to show everyone. That feeling of being a model and feeling beautiful came flooding back and I was almost in tears.

Boudoir shot of woman leaning on couch, lacy panties, tank top

Ladies... What are you waiting for? You can promise yourself another 10 pounds or when you feel a little bit better about yourself, but that won't happen.

Book your session and FEEL amazing. SEE how beautiful you are. Every single one of us is built differently and Nichole makes sure that every picture is unique and shows the beauty of each woman.

She is completely relaxed and full of smiles and is so talented- she makes it easy and takes away the anxiety of it all.

Woman looking into camera with dramatic makeup, dark lipstick, nipples through wet tshirt

Money is an issue? I get it, but she has a payment plan if you need one.

Don't know what to wear? Ask Nichole and she'll help guide you on what you're looking for and how to get it.

Don't have someone to give the photos to? Who cares! They are for you! If you have someone to give them to it's just an added bonus to share this experience with. But it's about YOU. It's about feeling beautiful and seeing yourself in a different light.

You don't have to be naked, you don't have to wear lingerie, and you don't have to be a size 0 woman who stands 5'10".

You don't even have to share your photos online.. but honestly, I can't wait to do my next shoot in the future, and yes, I've already started to plan my 3rd one! ~J

Sexy woman leaning on couch pulling down wet tshirt, dramatic makeup, dark lipstick

Makeup: Rebecca Lind

Hair: Jamie Lynn @topknotsbyjamielynn

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