If you know me, then you know I'm a romantic, a wino, and I'm not picky with my music (I can listen to 90's rap and today's jazz in the same 5 minutes and not bat an eye.) But if you don't know me, I will tell you that I also love a good story. Deciding to specialize in boudoir photography has opened so many doors for me and has brought some truly amazing people into my life; this week's client being one of them. 

Within the last few years she has had a lot of change; A change in careers, her attitude towards some relationships, and the outlook on her body image. Just a few weeks ago, with a little nudge from me, she pushed her insecurities aside and took the plunge into her first ever boudoir session. She decided that she wanted to have an experience to celebrate a lifetime. Her celebration was about being strong and standing up for who she was as a woman, mother, and wife. 

A few days before her session she text me this: 

"Nichole, I'm stressing out so much about messing this up, so I've decided...  I'm surrendering to you. You know what you're doing and I'm just going to let you do it." 

Here we are a few weeks later and she's totally in love! 

"I can't stop looking at my pictures. Random moments I open my app and scroll. I look at some of them and I start grinning like an idiot!"

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Hair: Top Knots by Jamie Lynn (Vero Beach) 

Makeup: Rebeca Lind (Vero Beach)