If you’re anything like me, you search for quality products, like that gorgeous new handbag and wallet set you just bought. When you pick it up you can feel it’s quality, sturdy and strong in your hands. Well made. Luxurious (ahem. Coach anyone?). 

That’s exactly what I look for when I’m choosing new products for my boudoir product line. I want my clients to unwrap their album, feel that quality, and say 

“Wow, this is really nice.” 

The Luxury Boudoir Album that comes in every boudoir collection is exactly that. Here are just a few features about it that I love, not only in the manufacturing but also in it’s gorgeous packaging. 


  • Linen/Leather cover and durable binding
  • Thick pages with lustre coating (to prevent fingerprints)
  • Vellum cover for dust protection
  • Hand embossed NMB monogram sticker
  • Ostrich plume embellishment (unavailable on the 5x5 album)
  • Durable album box for storage and protection
  • Thick NMB shopper bags to carry your purchases

The Sexy Little Collection comes with a 5x5 album perfect for travel or safekeeping in a bedside table. The Angel Collection comes with an 8x8 album for those who’d like something a little bigger, and the Bombshell Collection is for clients (like myself) who want the whole shebang, and includes a gorgeous 10x10 album (my personal favorite!)

With the holidays coming up, you'll probably be looking for the perfect gifts for him. I can tell you from personal experience, this is one for the books!!

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