WOW guys. It's been a HELL of a year already, and it's only March. I birthed a 3rd human (and a 3rd BOY at that, lord help me!!), opened up a new boudoir studio here in Sebastian, Florida, and have SO much gorgeous photography to share with you in the upcoming weeks that I am dying to share NOW!!! 

My FIRST session in the studio was with a past client who decided to come back for a second session with me (I'm telling you, this experience is addicting!!), so I asked her to share a bit about her shoot with you. 


Days leading up to my first shoot: I was super nervous thinking "hmm I cant do these photos because I cant pose at all and these are not going to be good because I'm just going to look awkward."

Once I sat down to have my hair and make up done I felt like a totally different person.

You feel like you are the sexiest version of yourself and ready to show it off.  I had such a great experience with the first shoot that I couldn't wait to do another one. Nichole has such a welcoming and up beat personality that you feel like you have known her forever!


This was my second time having a photo shoot with Nichole and all I can say is WOW! My second shoot would be a totally different style. I went from a blonde to brunette, so the blonde was pretty and cute but this last one as a brunette, I felt like an entirely new person!

The second time was just as much fun and I felt like I kind of knew what I was doing (well maybe I just remembered all the tips that Nicole had given me from the last shoot)! 


Nicole can take any person, embrace their flaws, and show their true beauty! I cant wait to work with her again! 

Interested in booking a session?? Drop me a line girl!

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