It breaks my heart when a woman contacts me and she feels deflated, for whatever reason: Weight gain, divorce, a cheating spouse, aging wrinkles, stress, kids.. To imagine how low her self confidence is, and put myself in her shoes is sometimes really painful. To read an email or hear the weakness and self doubt in someone’s voice, has even brought me to tears.

But then I get excited, because I know if she books a session with me, I’m going to change all of that. I’m going to reignite the beautiful woman that I know she is deep inside, regardless of what’s causing her pain. I’m going to give her confidence in herself, and melt the doubts she has right away.

So if you’ve been wanting to book a session, but you’re doubting yourself, email me. Call me. And let’s get excited together :)


I currently have 7 dates available in March. Let's get you on the books for your own sexy session!