In this day and age, women are working more, schools are requiring parents to be more involved, and that dang Pinterest has us holding ourselves to standards of unreachable heights (I know you've had a Pinterest fail once or twice and it's ok; so have I girl).

When I decided to become a photographer, I knew I wanted one thing- to be able to take photos that were more than "selfie" worthy. 

YOU are worth more than a selfie buried among the photos on your cell phone. You deserve to have photos taken in a way that enhance your natural beauty, so you can cherish them for the rest of your life, and maybe even pass on to your children.

The selfies you post on social media are seen for a glimpse in time, and then continually buried beneath other posts, never to be thought about or seen again. 

Don't you deserve to be more than a selfie memory, shuffled among puppies, babies, politics, and ads on social media? It's time to make some lasting memories of your legacy.

Let's talk about getting you some gorgeous photos that you can pass down to your children! I'm so close right here in Sebastian, Florida!