Recently I had a potential client say to me “I don’t need someone to do my hair and makeup the day of my session, I can do my own. I also don’t need you to take me shopping. I can do that myself as well. All I need is one photo that I can be proud of. Do you do something like that without charging an insane amount of money?”

I think this is a really good question, and probably goes through the minds of a lot of people when they receive session info from me.

The truth is, what I do for women isn’t about the pictures. The photos are merely an end result of an empowering, fun, uplifting experience that I plan out step by step. Think about Sears or JC Penny for a moment. You get ready at home, drive yourself to the store, walk in and possibly wait in line, sit in front of a generic backdrop, pose awkwardly and take a few photos fake smiling the entire time, and order your pictures which will come as a floppy 8x10 or wallets, delivered in a manilla envelope. 

Me? Nichole Marie? That’s not the name of my game. I set a mood for my clients. I pamper them with luxurious products from the day they receive their welcome kit in the mail, until the day they unwrap their album, finished off with an authentic ostrich plume!!! I give them an entire day ALL about them, with a shopping experience ALL about them, my undivided attention, and a few hours unplugged from the world- whether or not that be work, kids, a spouse, what have you. Then, they come back and we sip champagne together while we look over gorgeous product options for them to display their photos in. I want women who are stressed out, busy, never take time for themselves, or lack the confidence to revel in their own beauty to come to my studio with doubt, and leave a refreshed woman, renewed in self esteem. It’s not even about being “sexy” per se, it’s about finding your true beauty as a woman, whatever that means for you. 


Hair and makeup- sure. I can do my own too. I actually did it for my own boudoir shoot last year. But that’s not pampering for me. Pampering is sitting in a chair while someone else blowdries and teases my hair, contours, and beautifies my face in a way that I’m not gifted enough to do on a regular basis. Some people think this will somehow “change me and I won’t even look like myself.” The goal isn’t to change who you are, or what you look like. The goal is to awaken the energetic, sexy, beautiful woman who might just be buried under all of her other duties and enhance her unique features using the art of boudoir.