You've booked your boudoir or beauty session with me, and now you're panicking. You might even find yourself thinking something to yourself like:

"There's way too much on your plate to do this."

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"That 3rd glass of wine gave you too much liquid courage!"

But I'm here to tell you to calm down. Relax. And actually, go ahead and pour yourself another glass of wine because if you've had 3 you're pretty much done with that bottle anyway so you might as well finish it off :) 

Here are my top tips to kicking those pre-session nerves before you decide to cancel on me (none of that allowed)!


Ok so I know it's a little intimidating to think about getting in a dressing room with a complete stranger, but believe me when I say

it's worse if you wait to meet that stranger until she's holding a camera in your face... ahem.

If you didn't already know, one of the perks to booking a session with me is that I take my clients shopping and help them pick out the perfect outfits for their body. This is a HUGE help with kicking those nerves to the curb. You can read more about a shopping trip with me here. 


Ok so you've contacted me and of COURSE you can't make any of the dates I have open to shop. GO FIGURE right?? Of all the luck.. now you're really doomed. Ok no seriously, that thinking is ridiculous.

Check out the lingerie guide that I've created just for my clients. Not only can you access it using that link, but you should have also received one in your welcome kit that you can literally take with you in your purse and bust out in the dressing room of Victoria's Secret.

A few days before your session, you'll also receive a checklist with some tips to follow.

I'm arming you with an arsenal, now use your weapons woman!


If you haven't booked your session yet, and you have a friend who's also thinking about doing one, book on the same day! Most of my dates I double book clients, and you two can shop together, ride to your session listening to some kick ass music, sip mimosas and get pretty together! Talk about a stress reliever! 

You won't however, be in the room together as we are shooting, unless you are booking a DOUBLE shoot, which is totally different than booking on the same day. 

*BONUS* Did you know, I offer a booking discount of $50 per person for friends who book on the same day???

Feeling a little bit better now about this whole boudoir thing? Great! Now share this blog with your friend who still hasn't booked her session yet!