There was a time when I was young and free, before I was a nurse, and before I was a boudoir photographer here in Sebastian, Florida. It was a time when I came and did as I pleased, slept in until noon, and my makeup was done and flawless every day (after a nice bubble bath of course!!). My "why" for my daily routines was a lot different back then. These days, the story is really different, and I give of myself all day every day, to two little boys who have no idea what it feels like to be selfless 90% of the time. I normally eat my breakfast while standing at the stove, pb & j crust is more often than not my afternoon snack, and I work long into the night while my children get 12 glorious hours of sleep. On a daily basis, I find myself day dreaming about my younger years and how I took my freedom for granted. 


This isn't a pity party. Because I also remember WHY I chose to bring these two little lives into this world. I chose to have children for the beautiful moments of quiet when I'm curled up breastfeeding my toddler in his dark nursery and he plays with my hair. And the middle of the night "mamma" cry, when my 3 year old needs me to slay the midnight monsters from his room. And seeing the piece of art work my son proudly brings out of his room, that he colored in my favorite color just for me. These thoughts are making me tear up as I write this, and THESE are the reasons that help me stay sane in the moments of crazy, when all I want to do is run away. 

Everyone is on their own journey. Whether it's weight loss, starting a business, raising children, battling your way through school... whatever it may be. I encourage you- if you're feeling tired, worn, beat up, deflated... Remember your WHY. Take yourself back to the beginning and ask yourself "WHY am I doing this??" Look at some photos of what your dream weight goal is. Pin some new images of that house you're dying to buy. Glance at your finances and put your income into perspective. And I can guarantee, once you remember why you're struggling right now and what you're going to gain out of it, you'll be feeling better in no time:) 

I'd love for you to share with me- what are you struggling with right now and what is your WHY? And if I'm not following you on social media, follow me by using the links below so I can follow you back!