I'm a girly girl, there's no doubt about that. As my photography business has grown, it's become more and more obvious that I love luxury, have expensive taste, and totally appreciate the term "You get what you pay for." So when I decided to create a custom box for my clients to take home with them from their sessions, I was super picky about what products I wanted to include. 


First and foremost, when searching for pampering products, I wanted to find a business that was local to my area because hey, being a small business myself, it's important for me to support other small businesses! Enter Lather & Co. The lovely ladies who own the company service the Sebastian and Vero Beach Florida areas, among others, and were PERFECT for my small biz supporting desire! 


By sharing products with my clients, my hope would be that these products would make their way into my client's every day pampering arsenal! I knew the business I chose had to be professional, and give great customer service to my clients when they decided to buy more products.

From day 1 when I met the pretty ladies who own the business at the Wine, Women, and Shoes event in Vero, I received nothing but positive attitudes, smiling faces, and a pure love for what they do in creating their product. 


Just take a look at the adorable products below and I know you'll want some for yourself. Each item that I've chosen for my Bella Box is luxurious, and the company uses only natural products without any harsh chemicals or dyes. You can read more about their ingredients here


Ok ladies, now I've tried bath bombs before but WOW. These little babies filled my entire bathroom and hallway with the beautiful scent of rose. 


I LOVE a good scrub and these mini body polishes were the perfect fit for my boxes. Used in combo with the bath bomb, I don't know which product I liked more. The oil and scrub left my skin super silky smooth, which I finished off with the next product on the list... 


Take a look at that picture and you'll see exactly how fitting the name of this is! It literally looks just like whipped frosting. This is the perfect ending to a day full of pampering, and your skin will totally thank you for it! 

A HUGE thank you to Melissa and Julie for working with me to create the perfect pampering gift sets for my clients. If you'd like to check out more of their products, you can find them at local vendor events, or online at their website Lather & Company here. And if you'd like a Bella Box all to yourself, book a session with me and you might just get one :)

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