Everyday we are faced with a choice. We have a choice to wake up and believe in ourselves, or to wallow in self doubt and sadness. When I chose to specialize in boudoir photography, I began to realize just how important it is for us as women, to have experiences that allow us to just be. For me, this is painting pottery, cooking, photography, or anything involving crafts. As a creative,

I need this outlet to believe in myself as a woman, and prove my self-worth to myself .. that I AM something. 

But for a lot of women, they need boudoir. Being surrounded by models and heavily photoshopped pictures of women on a daily basis in advertising takes its toll on us. 

We are submerged in this vision of what a “woman” should be… pretty, put together, in shape, happy, successful. 

But the truth of the matter is that real life fluctuates and life ain't always sunshine and roses dollface. It’s fluid and ever changing and sometimes shit happens that makes us feel less than VS model worthy. Let’s face it- we might lose our job, eat an entire tub of ice cream before bed, stay IN that bed (in the same jammies) for 3 days, and somehow it just happens to be the same week as the VS fashion show that's plastered all over tv! What a blow to our self esteem.

THIS is when we need a good boudoir book of ourselves to bust out of our night stand and slap us back into reality. 

THIS is when we need to remind ourselves that right now it's officially an off day (or week!!). The reality is, we are a sexy, living, breathing, warm blooded creature that has a LOT to offer the world. So today I want you to meet Miss M. Scrolling through her photos you might think to yourself “Wow… she’s got a gorgeous body, she’s young, look at her SKIN! I’d die to look like her!” 

Cue the envy, right?? 

But the truth is, she’s struggled with self esteem all of her life, and she needed boudoir to prove herself TO herself.

Do you?


“I have always thought that I was the “Ugly Duckling” in school and all though life. People say that I’m pretty, gorgeous, down to earth, etc, but I have never ever believed them. I have always felt like I’m just average at best. Some people have said that I should have taken up modeling or I could have been a VS angel because of how tall I am, but I thought people were just being nice or silly.. but now I definitely want to be a part of this. I feel like boudoir can make someone become the most confident, strong, and beautiful woman that they are. I would love to have that feeling. After seeing how happy the girls that have had shoots with you have been Nichole, I am 100% positive that I want to take the huge step and do it as well. It will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and so much fun!”

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