I've decided to dedicate an entire page on my own website to Profitography because I believe in it THAT much. I want to help someone. ANYONE. If even just ONE person reads my page and decides to take a journey themselves, then my time putting this page together was worth it!!! No one asked me to do this. I did this on my own, for YOU. So that YOU could benefit from what I've learned. 


   In January of 2015, I decided to open my own photography company from my own home without any business education or even management experience (what was I thinking??) I started off really enthusiastic. I just KNEW that after I had my website up and I was official with my glorious photos beautifully displayed for all to see, people would come knocking my door down to photograph their families and children. Quickly, just one month after I opened and had not a single solitary inquiry, I came to a harsh realization that I was totally unrealistic as to what it really took to open a business, and that I was completely lost about where to go for help. And then I started my Profitography journey.


   Does this sound like someone you know ( BUT WAIT!! Maybe you're already in business!! Maybe you DO have clients, and you're doing ok. But you are burnt. out. You are working your butt off. You're making money, but you're also tired. You feel like every waking moment you're investing time and energy into your business and it's getting to the point that it's more of a chore. Maybe you've even lost the excitement and enthusiasm that you once had.

    If either of these situations rings a bell, I am SO GLAD you found this page and you're taking the time to read it. Do you know what that tells me about you? That you're determined to make a change. You're invested in your company and you have a vision of what you know it could become. But you also know you need some help. And I am here to share with you FIRST HAND as one of the original "Profitogs" (a label created just for a special, one of a kind group) that you have just found your business superpower! Profitography 


   I know you have fears about starting your personal Profitography Journey. I did too. There were so many questions I was asking myself as I signed in to watch my first webinar with Jamie and Anna, the creators of this priceless group. 

   Jamie Larson  and  Anna Bartell - the creators of Profitography

  Jamie Larson and Anna Bartell- the creators of Profitography

-What if I don’t see results from my investment and this is a waste of time and money?

-What if this is bait to get me to invest more?

-What if there’s not enough valuable info that I can personally use in my own business?

-What if i’m not good enough, or too inexperienced?

-What if I don't have enough time and I fall behind?

-What if this person was paid to write this?


   Everyone has fears. You had fears when you opened your company, or you're experiencing them now and you feel overwhelmed. But there are people here to help you! We are rooting for you, encouraging you, and hoping and praying that you will take the plunge just like we did, to invest in yourself!!!! I promise you, with every bone in my body, within the first WEEK of your Profitography journey, you will be so pumped up about revamping your business game plan, that your fears will be long gone, and you will realize that every single penny you spent was worth it.


   You've found my website, and you're on my blog page. Just take a look around here for yourself. See the start here tab at the top ^^ Click that link and navigate through my website. Is it pretty easy to follow? Do you think it looks professional? Do you feel like you get to know me from reading what I've written on the different pages? Do I make you feel like you'd want to know more or book a session with me? Many of the things I've incorporated into my website design I learned from Profitography :) 


   Don't just take my word for it. Meet some of the other Profitogs from our fabulous group and read what they have to share with you! You can also visit their websites by clicking on the photo or names of their companies. 



Length of time in business: 7 months

"Before I started Profitography, I was blindly trying to figure out how to translate my cost of doing business into collections and products. I knew within the first week of this class that my investment was worth it! I now have confidence in pricing everything I have to offer. I have improved the flow of my website and even received my first inquiry from someone who found me on Google! Everyone in the group is so helpful and caring. The camaraderie of the group was really unexpected, and we were all rooting for each other. Its a wonderful space to share triumphs and also to get a pick me up when you're feeling discouraged. "

"My biggest piece of advice to you if you decide to take Profitography is to just persevere! You will hit walls that are uncomfortable and really push you to change. But if you didn't need change, you wouldn't have signed up right? If you need to take a few moments to regroup, do it!! But remember to keep going! "


Amy SHORT- amy kristin photography


Length of time in business: 2 years

“Profitography challenged me to make so many changes in my business plan. It helped me to understand who my “dream client” is, and pushed me to organize my monthly newsletter which has given me more visibility in my community. It made me realize the importance of blogging relevant content in addition to my own work, which has helped people find me on Google.”

“Although the information was presented over 5 weeks, I love that you could work at your own pace. All of us are still learning and growing months after the class officially ended as a group. At first I thought it might be intimidating to be around people who seemed to totally have their businesses together, but at the end of the day it was not like that at all. We all benefit from what everyone else brings to the table, at least that is how I feel! I am SO glad I took this course, for the learning as well as the support that Anna and Jamie have given us, and all of my new friends. This is seriously the best photography education investment I've ever made."


Laura Ludwig- Laura Lynn Photography

Length of time in business: 2 years

"Taking Profitography taught me that I needed to get away from the shoot and burn way of photography and back into in person sales. Because I made the switch, I'm now receiving inquiries and working with people who really value me and my art. The class pushed me to really break down my pricing, and was explained in such a way that it was easily understandable for me. "

"Sitting down and narrowing my speciality was a big deal for me. The work we did on finding our dream clients was HUGE. I tend to over think things, and the exercises in those modules helped me figure out who “she” is. This class was seriously worth MORE than my investment. I would still be running in circles if I hadn’t taken it. It was one of the best things I could have done for my business. "

If you'd like to hear more of Laura's take on investing in yourself and Profitography,  check out her "Dear Photographer" blog series. 



Length of time in business: 8 months

"When the class first launched, I was a new businesswoman, and I knew nothing about how to market the specialized service I wanted to give people. I'm not just a photographer, but I'm also a friend to my clients and their families. I needed to find people who wanted more than someone who would hand them a disk and walk away. The problem was, I didn't know WHO that was. Profitography taught me how to visualize my dream client, and it was one of the best things I took away from this class."

"Profitography not only gave me the tools I needed to jumpstart my business, but it also gave me a strong support system. The group on Facebook is full of the kindest, realistic, diverse people you will ever meet on social media, and I think we are all proud of that. We all share the same desires- to give people MORE than just photography- and because of that, our group is one of a kind. " 




Length of time in business: 2 years

" I signed up for Profitography in April and had a baby at the end of May, right in the middle of the course! Granted, it took me longer then others to complete, but one great thing I didn't expect was the support from other photographers. We started as classmates and became like close friends as the weeks passed by. Having the Facebook group was nice because the discussions were there to look back on and see other people's questions or thoughts while I was catching up."

"I believe if your client is looking to invest in the memories you create, you really need to invest in yourself, hands down. Stop shooting and burning. You are literally selling yourself short! Tweak your website, make it shine, and love it! Invest in yourself!"


Ok, if THAT wasn't enough information to have you literally jumping off of your seat with excitement like I was...and probably the others were too... then maybe a Profitography Journey just isn't for you. You can keep making excuses for yourself and why you can't do this right now, but in a very short time, you will realize that you can't continue on the way you are. 

However, if FEAR is the only thing holding you back, push that handsome devil aside and JUST DO IT! We are all here, standing at the starting line and ready to cheer you on! You have a whole team of 50 people just waiting to meet you and help you on your journey. So I only have one last thing to ask you.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? 


Did you find this page helpful? Are you taking Profitography because of it? Leave a comment and share with others your experience!!